Thursday, 19 January 2012

2012 Challenge: Make one GREEN change every month

When it comes to the environment and making our homes 'greener', the responsibility falls firmly in our own laps. Every day we make decisions that can affect our homes and lives in a positive or negative way. Now I am not saying it is easy, these days I sometimes feel it is like I'm running against the current daily. But I do think small differences can have a HUGE impact.

This is where our challenge comes in. Over the course of the year our goal is to make one GREEN change every month. That's right 12 changes towards making your home greener, cleaner and hopefully saving yourselves some money!

We'll be talking and giving tips and ideas about recycling, heating, cooling, chemicals used in the home, gardening and lots more. 
So here's the deal, join us on Facebook and Twitter and every month we will post our monthly 'GREEN' idea. Then we want you to tell us how it's all going and share your ideas and suggestions with all of us, so we can all be a little bit 'Greener' by COB 2012.

Along the way we will have other tips, competitions and some fun stuff to keep us going. It would be great to have you along for the ride. Join up today!!

images courtesy Flickr - dave westerhouse and Argentem

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