Sunday, 15 January 2012

Is Organic alcohol hangover proof?

Since attending the Organic expo in 2010 I have been so excited about how much organic wine and beer is available in the market. But the question I wanted to know was is it hangover proof?

So what is Organic alcohol? Put 'very' simply organic wine is produced without using chemical herbicides, pesticides, fungicides or artificial fertilisers. The wine has no added synthetic additives although may contain some sulphur dioxide as a preserving agent. Organic beer is produced without the use of chemicals just like wine.  There is also no use of chemical fining agents or filtration-to clear the clouding particles from the beer.

Well is it better?
Choosing organic beverages means that the grapes, barley, hops, apples and other ingredients have not been sprayed with toxic chemicals. The very same chemicals that pollute the soils, waterways and
air. Your average glass of beer or wine contains a cocktail of chemicals and additives like preservatives, colours, flavours, emulsifiers and stabilisers to name a few. These additives are what is most likely the cause of peoples allergies and reactions such as the 'hangover'.

Grab yourself a glass of the organic stuff and you will find yourself drinking a far safer option. Organic, bio dynamic and chemical free beer and wine is full of natural and original ingredients. Light on the preservatives and additives if any at all, do a search for 'preservative free wine' you will be surprised how many are available, I was! The best thing about all this chemical free drinking is that there have been claims that organic alcohol reduces or even prevents that dreaded hangover!

That would be perfect wouldn't it, however I am yet to find a legitimate study that has scientifically proven these claims. There are other hangover causing chemicals called congeners, which are by products of the fermentation process. Sometimes impurities are intentionally added, such as zinc and other metals. These may be added to enhance flavours or add sweetness to the drink.

But it makes sense right? Less additives in anything is sure to be better for you. If nothing else it is often a better drop with the same outcome. So although we can't say for certain that Organic alcohol does not cause hangovers, I think we might all agree consuming less chemicals is a positive. So to avoid the hangover drink in moderation, which really is the only thing that actually stops you feeling like you have been hit by a train the next day.


  1. Thank you for this post. I am definitely intrigued and inspired. My husband and I are definite beer fans. We love sampling different craft beers and DH enjoys brewing his own beer at home. I am not sure why I never thought about organic beer before, because I think about the contamination and impurities in so many other things in our lives on a daily basis. I have not noticed organic beer being sold here locally, but that may just be a complete oversight on my part. I am definitely going to have to check into it, and DH is looking into buying organic supplies for his next batch of home-brew.

  2. Hey Shannon, thanks for your comments and mention in your latest BLOG. I know what you mean about looking at everything at home and environment, including what we eat, but drink? I had the same feeling after the organic expo in Sydney, well worth a visit. Lots of taste testing opportunities. Here's a link to an Australian organic beer we have had before to get you started.
    Great to hear from you