Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Eco products save you money!

Ecover have you heard about it? Don't worry you are seemingly not alone...
Well it's far from new, in fact it has a 30 year history of creating a range of environmentally friendly, safe and biodegradable cleaning products made from plant based ingredients supplied throughout the world these days.
At the risk of this sounding like a paid advert, which it is not I might add, I will share a little background. For a few years my family and I lived in the UK, so while restocking our eco cleaners we discovered a huge range of eco cleaning products including Ecover, that were well priced and best of all performed perfectly.
When we arrived home I discovered that it was virtually impossible to find any of the brands we had been using overseas and quite frankly the ones we could find were largely unaffordable.  Ecover and other environmentally friendly products are available throughout Europe, are readily accessible and not over priced, in fact they compete with the mainstream market very well. They are actually sold throughout the supermarket chains alongside their petrochemical counterparts!
So why is this not the case here? Earlier this morning I was chatting with one of my suppliers in relation to a couple of brands and we discussed just that. Money talks and unless the eco friendly brands can get a higher market share, it will always be difficult to get the average consumer to reach a little deeper into their wallets for a 'green' alternative. Look I get it, which is why I started my own eco website in an attempt to supply green household products at competitive prices. 
 I firmly believe that there remain a lot of skeptics out there who simply don't believe that you can be 'green' and really 'clean'. To be honest I feel like I am banging my head against the wall some days. But the evidence is there, they are competing in the cleaning stakes with the mainstream market. Lets face it the leading brands are hardly going to lay over and let them in without a fight are they. 
At the risk of chewing your ear off I will finish off by saying this. We all need to think a little bit harder about what we are using and what damage it is doing to the environment every time you wash the clothes, clean that toilet or turn on the dishwasher. Not to mention your families health and wellbeing!
Have a think about it...

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