Wednesday, 11 January 2012

5 tips for a 'greener' Birthday Party.

Well it's almost February, that means in our house Birthday parties! You see I was one of those clever individuals who managed to have my children 4 days apart by exactly 2 years. Better planning next time round!!! As the boys are getting older the week of their Birthdays has turned into somewhat of a 'festival' at our house.

We have always tried to be a little conscious of too much excess at party time, but it is hard. After all you only celebrate that your 6 once! I have put together a few ideas that I am running with this year. There will still be lollies and chips but with a healthy mix of good stuff!

INVITATIONS: Now you could send an E Invite, but I feel for the boys this is tricky as invites need to go to school and I don't have all the email address's. So another option is to print your own out using recyclable paper. There are literally heaps of sites out there offering FREE downloads for you to print. Here is one I found which we like because we are Star wars mad. But take your pick really!

 PARTY BAGS: Ditch the plastic, I am opting for brown paper this year tied up with a bit of twine left over from Christmas wrapping. You can just get these from the local supermarket or online.  You could dress them up as you like, get the kids involved for inspiration. Remember the kids care about what's inside not what it came in.

 PARTY BAG FILLERS: There really are so many options at the risk of sounding like a 'grinch' don't include a bag full of chocolate. Have a look around for pencils, rulers, rubbers, book marks, skipping ropes, wooden clacker's a few ideas to get the juices flowing.

 FOOD: Party food is potentially one of the most contentious items that I have come across in my short history of throwing the party. But you can't go serving tofu and lentils...can you? As I said I am all about celebrating, but there are healthy options that the kids will love.

  • Fruit skewers mix it up with watermelon, grapes, rockmelon whatever is in season. 
  • We have summer parties so a huge plate of sliced watermelon is a definite crowd pleaser.
  • Finger sandwiches, we never have white bread so I use white as a party treat. Fillings like natural honey, Vegemite and the odd tomato usually hits the spot.
  • Hummus with celery and carrot sticks for dipping.
  • Honey Joys this is something from my childhood that I cannot resist at a party. I like this recipe because it uses brown sugar, but use what suits it all tastes good.
I have always been a true believer in a home made cake. I know there are the eye rollers out there, in fact I know a lot of them personally truth be told! But it doesn't matter how it comes out, it was made with love, and best of all you know what's in it! Go on give it a go.

DECORATIONS: These days there are so many new options out there, eco-friendly balloons, plates, cutlery, and candles, in fact the list goes on. I don't generally go into the decorations too much with a summer Birthday we mostly have the luxury of a party outdoors. But if decorations are called have a go of making your own with the children, or have a look online there is always a bargain to be had. Too be honest I struggled to find eco party shops in Australia the UK literally has pages of them, so plan ahead if you plan on ordering overseas. I did find a great one though and have placed an order for upcoming festival.

The most important things is that everyone has fun. So get a treasure hunt together and enjoy. Remember it only happens once a year and those little ones grow so fast it will be gone before we know it.

Images courtesy of Flickr Images: Credit Birthday Creations, Scherre, Texas to Mexico


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  2. Thanks Justin will let you know how we pull it off!