Monday, 12 March 2012

What are your 'mail' habits?

There are heaps of things we can do to make our homes greener more efficient places. Turning lights off, watching your water use, recycling the list goes on. But sometimes it's the small things that we can easily overlook that can really make a difference.

Ok so I will come clean, it came to my attention the other day that I had completely overlooked our mail. I had done the usual junk mail ban but had not looked at our printed bank statements! I realised we had folders filled with them. So I set about fixing my HUGE oversight.
Now I will say that this is easy enough to say but harder to pull off when it comes to doing the tax quarterly. I am still considering how we can get around this but for the moment it has all been shifted to email and online while I consider some options.

So this months challenge you ask?
 'Check your mail habits'.
Have a look at all your mail, can it be changed to online statements or catalogues? Mostly you can go online and change your preference yourself to save you waiting on the phone. You will be surprised once you start digging around!
Fresh ideas welcome on how you manage your mail and waste!

Have a great March

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